How To Get A Sexy Halloween Look Focusing On Make-Up

Dacă ați văzut ultima mea colaborare cu Irina Kalonatchi de la ( „Top 5 Trans-Seasonal Fashion Essentials”) și v-a plăcut, atunci cu siguranță ar trebui să aruncați o privire și la aceasta!

Halloween is near and every single time I open Facebook (or any other website), ads like “Hot, Sexy Halloween Costumes” pop up. Some of these may be cool, but I wouldn’t recommend you wear something like this at a public Halloween party,  they are a bit on the trashy side.  There are other ways to catch all the attention without revealing too much and the best way of doing this is by choosing  minimalist clothing and focusing on accessories and make-up. […] These years, another element it’s taking its place as the biggest trend for this holiday. And that is make-up…  (read more)

* Alexandra Giurgițeanu *

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