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Guest Blogger: Peter Minkoff

Peter is a beauty and fashion writer for HighStyleLife magazine from Australia. After graduating the Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a freelance fashion stylist for many fashion events in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Besides fashion, he loves to practice yoga, cook exotic meals and travel around exotic destinations. His future plans are in creating his personal blog about fashion and style advising. Follow Peter at Facebook and Twitter.

The world of fashion is everything but limited – there are no defined boundaries. Boho chic is not a trend that will fade away with time – it is a state of mind and an expression of a free spirit. Drawing influences from both hippie subculture and bohemian lifestyle, it is a perfect amalgam of gypsy culture and freedom of mind. On the other hand, ethnic wear is introduced through colourful pieces made from the most amazing fabrics with complex and abstract patterns. The mix of these two is Ethnic Boho, and here are the main reasons its popularity.

The Fusion of Boho and Ethnic


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In the world of fashion, boho chic is characterized with a wonderful style which is closely connected with nature. Some of its elements are detailed embroidery, fringes and floaty clothes made of natural fabrics in earthy colours. On the other hand, ethnic clothes are inspired by numerous cultures and ethnicities all around the world, such as African or Asian. Many designers are drawing inspiration from the distant cultures of these continents, which results in pieces of clothing that are indeed a form of art. These items are unique in terms of extraordinary colours, such as fuchsia, jade green and turquoise; marvellous embroidery and outstanding patterns and designs.

Ethnic Boho in the World of Fashion


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Floral prints, lace, bell sleeves, flared jeans, fringes, culottes, and heavy jewellery made a huge
comeback back in 2005, when this fashion trend became popular again. We can thank Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Olsen twins for introducing peasant blouses, maxi skirts, oversized tunics and fringed jackets to the world. Many prominent designers, such as John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci were inspired by the intriguing gypsy fashion, which is a symbol of freedom and mystery. On the other hand, Michael Kors, Balenciaga and Gucci had an ‘Africa moment’, since their collections were based on animal prints and luxurious safari suits. The good news is that, nowadays, all of these pieces – both inspired by gypsies and distant cultures, can be combined into an amazing go-to look that all of the fashionistas absolutely adore.

Must-have Pieces


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This fashion trend, as well as any other trend, has its own remarkable pieces that you simply need to have. Some of these are:

● Poncho – It is an IT piece for this fall. It’s basically a cloak that is square or rectangular in shape, with a hole where your head goes. Get yourself one in vibrant colours, with the most amazing abstract patterns – and you will look chic, feminine and ultra modern.

Sarong – These stylish cover-ups are perfect for the beach or the pool – and you can even wear them out in the town. Possibilities with it are indeed infinite, since you can wear it as a skirt, or a dress, or a top – and even as a turban.

● Kimono – This straight-cut dress with a waist belt was made exclusively from silk back in the past. However, popularization of this Asian trend put a spin on this item, which is why it was modernized and made of cheaper fabrics, such as polyester. You will definitely transform a basic outfit into a statement look with this extraordinary item.

It is also important that you get an ethnic boho-inspired bikini for the following summer. Wait for a upcoming swimwear sale in order to save some money and get an amazing piece that will be trendy even next year, because this trend is definitely staying here for a while.


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As you can see, both bohemian and ethnic trends really caught on in the world of fashion. This is not a surprise, because both of them represent a combination of traditional and modern elements that will impress even the most skeptical people. After all, ethnic boho is definitely a trend that will not pass sooner or later, and that makes it worthwhile.


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