6 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I am obsessed with Instagram. Scrolling deep into the archives of new travel and lifestyle accounts is one of my favorite things to do in bed. It’s hard to remember that Instagram, and social media as a whole, is not a realistic representation of our day-to-day lives. At the same time, it is an incredible platform for communication, inspiration, and creative expression.  Do you agree?  Keep reading for a few of my favorite travel accounts that I personally follow.

1. @TheBlondeAbroad

California native Kiersten left the world of corporate finance several years ago to pursue a career traveling the world full time. She not only travels to places you won’t believe weren’t already on your bucket list… she does it with an incredible wardrobe.


2. @TheDoorsofldn

Are you obsessed with everything and anything London related and hope to one day live there? I can’t be the only one… This account has a small following, under 3,000 (which I love), and posts lovely photos of beautiful doors throughout London.

5 Insta Accounts Doors of London

3. @gypsea_lust

I just found Lauren Bullen’s account last week. The other 194,000 Instragrammers who follow her were way ahead of the game because her feed is everything. So. much. turquoise.

6 Insta Accounts gypsealust

4. @sophiesvob

Sophie’s account is bursting with metropolitan, architectural, brown-white-gray goodness. Once you see her feed, I doubt you’ll question her following of 74,000+ likeminded souls craving some gorgeous photography.

6 insta accounts to follow sophiesvob

5. @monalogue

Based in Bristol, UK, Ramona’s dreamy feed will leave you packing for a road trip through the British countryside to small villages you’ve never heard of.

6 insta account to follow monalogue
 Once I discovered Sarah’s account, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across it before.  Her feed is endlessly dreamy European photos that make me want to jump right into the frame.  She has under 2,000 followers, which again I love because it makes me feel like her stunning account is my little secret.
 6 insta accounts by sarah dargle

Do you have a favorite Instagram account you cannot go a day without looking at? Comment below! Find me – @taraqhiggins – and let’s connect!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations; all of these photos are gorgeous. I don’t go on Instagram nearly enough. Perhaps I will have to check out these accounts.


    Melissa | The Anxious Canadian

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