Top 5 Things To Pack For A Holiday

Hey, guys! Since I am planning to a holiday soon I wanted to tell you about the top 5 things that I ALWAYS take with me. Well besides the obvious ones for an example phone, charger, etc. because everyone already takes these things with them when they go anywhere, right?!

    I have recently been so into bandanas, they are so comfy, don’t take up a lot of space and look super cute with every outfit. And even when you are just chilling on the beach, tanning. They just keep the hair out of your pretty face and also looks cute and really put together haha. 😀
    No matter where you are going, it’s always useful to pack (at least) one cute dress. It will come in handy if you are going out to eat or just going out to explore the city. It’s easy to wear, doesn’t need much mixing and matching things but still looks pretty and put together.
  3. A BOOK
    Quite an obvious one but reading a book that you wanted to read for ages, but haven’t gotten around to actually read it, then it’s the perfect time to do that. I know that I take at least one book with me because I always read it through then. Almost always when I go somewhere, I get stuck in an airport and have to wait for hours to get on the plane and when I FINALLY do, I have like about 2-5 hours just sitting in one place, so a book is a great company in that case. 🙂
    When going away take as little stuff as possible, especially when it comes to makeup or toiletries because, in that case, less is more. Believe me, you don’t want to risk that some of your precious things may be thrown away if you take too many of them with you. When I went to England for a holiday a couple of years ago that happened to me. It was on the ride back and my makeup remover got thrown away in there because I had too many liquids with me so be careful if you want to keep your stuff! 😀
    Maybe it’s just me but I just have to take it anywhere with me because I have a tendency to break my nails all the time. So, um yeah, it’s a necessity for me.

Anyway, that’s it today and I hope that you liked this post and if you did then let me know it in the comment section down below.

Love you lots, Greete x

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