The Roaring 20’s

Don’t you find interesting going back in time to find out more about a certain era? And I’m not talking about wars and other important political events. I’m talking about some of the habits people used to have,concerning fashion and beauty. So, after a heavy research, in today’s post, I will present you some interesting facts from the 20’s!


Most of the beauty products we use today like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush were invented back in the 1910s. Unfortunately, they only became popular ten years later, in the 1920s. That happened mostly because people used to associate make-up with actresses or prostitutes – the reason why most of the women refused to wear make-up. What is even interesting is that even those who used make-up didn’t want to be seen buying it, so they often used the backdoors of the cosmetic shops when purchasing their products.

However, in the 1920s, after the WWI, a lot of publications encouraged women to apply make-up on their face in order to be able to compete with men for jobs and become a part of the workforce. Back then, they loved the contrast between the dark eye and lip make-up and the pale skin, so they created an ‘artificial’ face which put a lot of emphasis on eyes and lips. We can say that 1920’s is the birth time of the well-known and loved smokey eye. For the lips, they used deep, dark shades of red. The trend of those times was to outline the lip to make it look smaller than its actual size, and emphasize the cupid’s bow of the upper lip. This was made popular by most of the actresses of the time, especially Clara Bow.


When it comes to fashion, the 20’s were the time when women first abandoned the restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes. Women began wearing pants and shorter skirts with pleats, gathers, or slits to allow motion. However, the most memorable trend was „the flapper” look. This kind of dress was functional and flattened the bust line, rather than accentuating it. Tea gowns had long, flowing sleeves, and were adorned with sashes, bows, or artificial flowers at the waist. Voluminous evening gowns, however, were replaced with longer tea gowns, in satin or velvet, and embellished with beads, rhinestones, or fringe. Most of the outfits Most of the outfits were accessorized by hats or head-pieces, long beaded necklaces, bracelets, and small clutches.

1920-2 1920s-DRESS-TIMELINE-eveningwear 273518783_orig shiftdress

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  1. So lovely! I’ve always had a fascination with women’s fashion in the 20’s because they we’re breaking out of the traditional standards for women and being more „like the men”. Smoking, and cutting their hair, it was awesome!

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