5 Women Who Redefined The 60’s

După cum probabil ați văzut, ultima postare a fost o colaborare cu mai multe bloggerițe. Fiecare a trebuit să alegem un deceniu și să scriem un articol, așa cum vrem. Puteți vedea toate articolele aici:

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Însă articolul care mi s-a părut cel mai interesant este cel al lui Aditi Parshar, așa că am decis să îl public și pe ArtMandy. Ea a realizat un top 5 femei care au marcat anii ’60. Puteți vedea articolul mai jos!

Bonjour, Ertsy people! Welcome back to your favourite fashion blog to keep up with all sorts of fashion coming and in style. Today, we talk about 5 powerful, absolutely gorgeous women from the 60s who redefined their decade and peaked. Obviously, the list can be much, much longer but these are my 5 of my favourite, most unconventional women who reeked power and style, and you can tell me about yours in the comments below. It has been much of a struggle already to shortlist the ones I wanted to talk about, but I’ve just narrowed on the basis of who inspired me the most.

So, look out as we talk about their coming of fashion and what can be take away from these power women!

1. Audrey Hepburn

Well, one can absolutely not talk about the 60s without mentioning this wonderful, inspirational lady right here. The epitome of grace and style, Ms. Hepburn set the bar ahead of times with her unique and un-blending style. Even to this day, no woman can find a better idol when wanting to look at as a lady!

Take Away: You don’t always need to be bold to be beautiful, you just need to carry yourself with grace and confidence.

2. Do… [READ MORE]


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