Discovering My Backyard: Rooftop 120 {Connecticut}

 Rooftop 120 Girl

Discovering My Backyard Series

When I’m not exploring new locations around the world, my current base is my hometown of Manchester, Connecticut, USA.  Many people believe traveling the world is impossible, unaffordable, and unsustainable.  Though I disagree, I can understand how other aspects of life get in the way.  Work. Family. Significant other. Goals. Paying rent. Just regular, plain old daily obligations.  Rather than view these parts of life as obstacles, I prefer to see them as opportunities to get to know my home region a little better.

There are various beautiful places my parents took me as a child that I vaguely remember or was too young to appreciate.  There are also numerous places within thirty minutes of my house that I have never visited.  Now is the time.  At this moment, I’m on a short break from long-term international travel to earn some money and kick back with family and friends.  That does not mean I need to stop finding adventure in every day life.  Proximity to home does not imply a lack of adventure and newness.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to explore more nearby places in Connecticut and New England.  I hope to turn this into a regular series: Discovering My Backyard.  And I challenge you to do the same.  Being at home doesn’t need to mean feeling stuck or bored.  You just have to find your own adventure. I’ll be introducing bars, restaurants, hiking spots, markets, beaches, and towns.  Whatever comes my way and whichever way I go, I will share with you my experience as I discover my own backyard.

Rooftop 120 Bar

Discovering Rooftop 120

When I first returned home to Connecticut for the summer, I had the longest to-do list and people-to-see list.  A few of my closest friends and I decided to head to a local bar in Glastonbury: Rooftop 120.  I actually pass this bar nearly every single day, multiple times a day, but I had never been there before.  I always had the impression of overpriced drinks, a crowd much older than my own, and intentional poshness.  Though its posh level is definitely a bit higher than my typical atmosphere, I had a great time and have returned multiple times since.

The extensive cocktail list includes five sangrias, local Glastonbury wine, a dozen martinis, huge margaritas, and a giant dragon bowl.  The nibbles list is full of delicious options [Personal favorite: spinach and artichoke dip].  It’s not cheap.  But if you didn’t realize from the name, the bar sits atop one of the central buildings in Glastonbury.  On a cool summer night, a glass of sangria and my best friends on a rooftop patio is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Rooftop 120 Food Rooftop 120 Sangria Rooftop 120 Sun set

I definitely recommend this place as a great spot for getting together with old friends.  The atmosphere is fun, the drinks go down smoothly, and on Tuesdays bottles of wine are half-price (Amen).

Share somewhere or something new you did recently in your hometown!


  1. I love the top photo. I’m not sure why, but it’s just perfect XD
    Also, the last pic is beautiful!
    I’m glad you decided to take your time to re-discovering places where your parents took you as a child, it’s always fun to do it.

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