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Thrifted Transformations ~ Favorite YouTube Channel

Have you ever thought about making your own clothes? You like the idea but you think fabrics are too expensive?
Well, in this case, April got your back. She is a Youtube vlogger which buys old clothes from thrift shops and uses them to create new, beautiful garments.

In the description of one of her videos she sais that „this is the best part of thrifting, seeing the beauty in ‘ugly’ and transforming it into something trendy and in style.” And that’s exactly why she inspires me a lot. I think that not only having the ability to find inspiration from a place people expect it the less but also creating amazing garments out of  (sometimes) awful clothes it’s what truly defines an artist.

After watching all the episodes from the series „Thrifted Transformations” I must admit that I’m really impressed. Even if you’re not interested in sewing your own clothes, I really think you should watch it. Just for fun!
Here is my favorite fist episode from the series!

And here is the first episode!

* Alexandra Giurgițeanu *

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  1. Love it! I make m own clothes from old clothes found in charity shops. It’s a great way to use clothes that you wouldn’t normally where.

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