How to be an Explorer of the World

NZ Mt Maunganui

I’m constantly flipping back through my old journal pages from the last five years.  Reading and rediscovering what I felt was important or moving at the time makes me feel deep connection with myself.  Faded pages are covered with quotes, mantras, doodles, and endless lists.  Several years ago, during my huge Tumblr phase, I jotted down a list called, “How to be an explorer of the world,” that I found meaningful, and here it is:

  • Always be looking (notice the ground beneath your feet)
  • Consider everything alive and animate
  • Everything is interesting. Look closer.
  • Alter your course often
  • Observe for long durations
  • Notice the stories going on around you
  • Notice patterns, make connections
  • Document your findings (field notes) in a variety of ways
  • Incorporate indeterminancy
  • Observe movement
  • Create personal dialogue with your environment. Talk to it
  • Trace things back to their origins
  • Use all of the sense in your investigations


I haven’t be able to find the original composer of this list, but I love it a lot.  I have several personal additions:

  • Embrace spontaneity
  • Be open to each path before you
  • Converse with as many strangers as possible
  • Feel the moment internally and externally
  • Strive for understanding from various points of view



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