Through art you can create your own universe…

DorAlix Galaxy – Handmade Jewelry

Through art, you can create your own universe

This was the main idea behind this blog, and this is also the idea behind every single thing that I create.

A universe where everything is possible, where we no longer get lost in daily worries, in routine, in the hurry to get to the job in the morning, in the hurry to catch the bus, the subway, in all the anger in traffic. A place to escape when you need to. A place to fill you with good energy. A shooting star, making your wish come true. A reminder to go on even when you feel like everything is impossible.

This is how the idea of galaxy necklaces was born. A concept I developed together with my best friend Gheorghe Teodora (Dora) and which we called, for short, DorAlix.

We wanted to create something unique, something with a soul. Accessories that tell their own story. Thus, our creations are mainly hand-painted jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches). The idea from which it all started was to create something different than all those accessories already existing on the market.

DorAlix Galaxies are a place to escape not only when it comes to the final result, but also in the creative process. It is a way of expressing ourselves, for us and also for those who are wearing them. Considering that everything is painted by hand (not printed), everyone can choose the colors that represent their own galaxy. There are no limits.

Pick the colors of your galaxy! Leave us a message on Facebook or on Instagram!

In the future, we are going to create different kinds of accessories with the same theme. Some small universes you can take with you, and which will bring you luck.

DorAlix is, therefore, a project at the beginning of the road, and you can find it on social media on both Instagram and Facebook. We would be very thankful if you could help us with a like / share to help grow this project.

All of these you can order by leaving a private message on our Instagram or on Facebook. (Romania only)

On 20th and 21st of April 2019 between 12:30-19:30, you can find us at the handmade fair, For the Love of Fashion, which will take place in Bucharest, at The Vintage Pub, strada Smârdan, nr. 43, Centrul Vechi.

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