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What is the perfect dress for the summer?

It’s early in the morning. The sun has just risen above the sea. There are some people drinking their coffee and relaxing on the balconies. A child runs around happy to go to watch the sea and play in the sand, while his parents worry that they may have left the hotel too late. “What if all loungers are already taken?” You can hear only the seagulls and the waves. It’s a perfect summer day.

But what would be the right outfit for such a day? I think the best choice is the dress. But what kind of dress? For some, the perfect summer dress is the tight one, which shows the curves of your body. Should it be short or long? With or without a split? Straight or with folds?

From my point of view, the perfect dress for the summer is simple and comfortable. It is that light cotton, silk or veil dress, with folds and ruffles, with printed flowers or other colorful patterns. That dress that gives you both freedom of movement and femininity. A dress that is versatile enough that you can wear it as many times as possible: on the beach, on a walk in the park or at a dinner at the restaurant.

Such a dress is the one you can see in the pictures below, and about which I would be curious to find out what you think.

What is the perfect summer dress for you?

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