“Through art, you can create your own universe”

I decided that I need to work harder in achieving my dream. I decided that I needed to “do more of what makes me happy”. That was the moment I’ve decided to start this blog.

One night I was thinking about the blog, about sharing the things that I make…about fashion and art. I wanted to let everyone know that “through art, you can create your own universe”… that phrase randomly stroke through my mind, and it got stuck in there. I knew that this would be my logo. But what about the name of the website? That’s a hard choice. And once chosen, it’s pretty hard to change, so it had to be memorable. I thought about myself, Mandy, (that’s how my parents call me – yes, it has nothing to do with my name, but it doesn’t matter) and I thought about what I make: clothes, handmade accessories, jewelry, home decorations, quilling…in a word, Art. So that was going to be the name of the place where I create my universe: ArtMandy!

But this happened sometime in 2025. Since then, ArtMandy has been through a lot of changes.

Giurgițeanu Alexandra -I’ve studied Fashion Design at Școala Populară de Arte, Brașov – currently studying Economic Informatics at the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics, and Economic Informatics – B.U.E.S.

I am opened to guest bloggers as well as collaborating with brands for sponsored posts. If you are interested you can read more here and send me an email at contact@artmandy.ro

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